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For Doctors: Providing Paps to Trans Men

For Cervical Health Awarenesss Month, we're highlighting important resources for providers who offer Pap and HPV testing for trans men. read more

Letters For My Sisters


Letters For My Sisters: Transitional Wisdom In Retrospect

Letters For My Sisters is a groundbreaking anthology that features intimate letters written by 35 trans women to their past selves or other trans women. The letters include advice, reassurances, warnings and wisdom, resulting in a collection of revealing stories of childhood, transitioning, and becoming women. read more

FFS Guide


Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide

Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide for the Transgendered Woman is a comprehensive guide to Facial Feminization Surgery. Informative and well illustrated, FFS: A Guide also includes stunning FFS before and after photos. read more



Transforming Health: International Rights-Based Advocacy for Trans Health

Transforming Health is a report that profiles projects from 16 organizations in 12 countries that address the health and health care barriers commonly faced by trans people across the world. read more

Transforming Practice: Life Stories of Transgender Men that Change How Health Providers Work


Transforming Practice: The First Book for Health Providers Working With Transgender Men

Transforming Practice is an exploration of life satisfaction, health and wellness among transgender men. Author Marcus Greatheart asked satisfied, post-transition trans men what worked well in their transitions in order that health providers might better support those questioning or struggling with gender transition. read more

Transgender-Affirming Hospital Policies Guide


Transgender-Affirming Hospital Policies Guide

Lambda Legal has released a first-of-its-kind resource for hospitals on how to treat transgender patients with respect and dignity. "Creating Equal Access To Quality Health Care For Transgender Patients: Transgender-Affirming Hospital Policies" is a 20-page guide that provides model hospital policies aimed at ensuring appropriate interactions with transgender patients. read more