Hey Pandora,

I am a 37 year old post-op (top only at this time) FTM or transsexual male and my questions is, can FTMs become pregnant while on Testosterone? I have been on T for almost two years now and recently I did something that I never thought I would do. I had a one time fling with a man and the condom literally broke (I kid you not) and he accidentally came inside me and now I am REALLY worried. He tells me that he did have Vasectomy 10 years ago and he does have a scar to prove it and I did check out the details to see if what he knew about Vasectomies was accurate and it was; and so I’m hoping he’s telling the truth but…

I identify as a straight man, but had been bi curious for a while and so I took a chance, but now I’m worried that I’ve sealed my own fate. Can you PLEASE help? I have not had a hysterectomy yet and so I am REALLY nervous here. I have been searching online for any info on FTMs and pregnancy after T and have had NO luck. I would appreciate ANY help here. Thanks again. Peace and light.

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Mistress Krista and I chatted about this. Testosterone in the doses that you are taking should completely inhibit ovulation, so there should be no chance of getting pregnant. The Mistress pointed out though that there is always a possibility of it happening if testosterone hasn’t really inhibited the cycle that includes ovulation, but that chance is very slim. Given that your partner had a vasectomy, I think that your chances of not being pregnant are probably even better than they would be if you had just been using a condom.

Hope this helps!

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