Steven Brown, MDSteven Brown, MD has had a special interest in endocrinology for over three decades. He conducted research and attended graduate classes in neuroendocrinology while attending Princeton. A graduate of Yale University School of Medicine and Board-certified in internal medicine for over twenty years, Dr. Brown has lectured internationally on a variety of medical topics. He has been invited to do presentations to several trans-groups, especially in the areas of hormone replacement therapy and other medical (non-surgical) topics. He is in private practice in Wisconsin. He is happy to try to answer your medical questions at

Kari Hong is a civil rights lawyer and adjunct law professor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She practices criminal defense and immigration defense and specializes in federal court matters. She has has published academic articles and spoken at multiple forums about discrimination facing the gay, lesbian, bisexual,and transsexual communities. She recently has presented talks at Reed College(Oregon), Carleton College (Minnesota), and the Montana State University (Bozeman).

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