Justin Cascio

Justin Cascio is a freelance writer and website developer, and a trans health activist. In 2002, he participated in the passing of a New York City gender rights ordinance. Justin writes on transgender health issues, and speaks at conferences and to university classes. He enjoys weight training, camping, and yoga.

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Mistress KristaMistress Krista has a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, and runs a website devoted to women’s weight training at stumptuous.com. She has written on gender issues and bodybuilding, and is currently doing research into the intersection between feminist and trans theory. A staunch (and stumpy) advocate of the democracy of fitness, she regularly pushes, pulls, cajoles and commands her minions of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes to butch up, pick up heavy stuff, and most importantly, have fun doing it.

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RaverdykeRaverdyke is a serious nerdchick. Her interests that matter to TH include physiology, steroid biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrient biochemistry, and the Powerpuff Girls… not necessarily in that order. She has, uh, what you might call “extensive personal experience with supplementation for performance enhancement”. Her more phun interests include reading, writing, cycling, weight lifting, smrt grrls, rock climbing, and long walks in the park with you… and two little dogs.

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