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Rethinking the Gender Identity Disorder Terminology in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV

The overwhelming success gender role transition has enjoyed world wide in the last four decades, leads me to believe that the current reference to gender issues in the DSM IV---as a subset of the sexual disorders---is inaccurate and should be revised. This is an expanded and fully referenced version of the paper read at the 2005 HBIGDA Conference, Bologna, Italy, April 7, 2005. read more

Mental and Emotional Health

Trans People: Are We Nuts?

Based on a presentation by Justin Cascio at the 2005 Transcending Boundaries Conference, this article explores the links made in the medical literature between mental illness and transgender experience, and offers suggestions to improve mental health in the transgender community. read more

Mental and Emotional Health

The Tempest Over Sex Identity

Lisa M. Hartley, ACSW-DCSW takes on the aetiology of transgender— the theories behind what causes us to be trans— and presents her theory on a stress disorder caused by cultural pressures on transgender people to conform to their assigned-at-birth gender roles. read more