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Transgender Surgery Fellowship Training Program


Transgender Surgery Fellowship Training

Under the direction of Dr. Kathy Rumer, Hahnemann University Hospital's Transgender Surgery Program director, this one-year fellowship in Philadelphia provides qualified candidates with extensive training to become highly skilled transgender surgeons. Fellows will be trained on the practice and principles of transgender surgery and will be involved in all major reconstructive cases, including pre- and post-operative care management of patients. read more


What Trans Health Care Providers Should Know About FTM Phalloplasty

To better inform trans health care providers about FTM phalloplasty, this poster presented at CPATH 2012 weighs the actual outcome of phalloplasty against the stereotypes and perceptions of this surgery. read more


The Total Guide to Penile Implants For Transsexual Men

Need information about penile implants for trans men? This comprehensive guide has been expert reviewed by Dr. Curtis Crane. read more

Exercise and Depression

Health and Well-being

Out Of the Prozac Bottle and Onto the Treadmill: Exercise and Depression

Mistress Krista talks about the links between exercise and depression, and how to use that knowledge to manage your personal stressload. read more

The Needs of Older Trans People


The Needs of Older Trans People

The 519 Church Street Community Centre Older GLBT Programme in Toronto recently reported on a series of "community soundings," in which member of older GLBT communities were invited to discuss their particular concerns and suggest recommendations. Justin Cascio reports on the findings from the MTF and FTM communities. read more

Lower Income Trans Health Concerns

Health Care Services

Lower Income Trans Health Concerns

Kyle Scanlon of The 519 in Toronto returns to the pages of Trans-Health with a very frank overview of the multiple health risks to which trans homeless people are exposed in "Lower Income Trans Health Concerns," including social services and networks of support that don't meet the needs of trans sex workers, homeless trans people, and those with addictions and serious, chronic illnesses. read more

Fibromyalgia and FTMs

Health and Well-being

Fibromyalgia and FTMs: A Possible Link?

What is fibromyalgia, and is it possibly connected to being female-bodied and gender variant? In this article, Mistress Krista draws some potential links between female to male transgender conditions and this often-misunderstood illness. She also recommends fitness tips that minimize inflammation and pain for those with fibromyalgia. read more

Unaddressed Health Concerns of the Transgendered

Health Care Services

What We Don’t Know: The Unaddressed Health Concerns of the Transgendered

There’s really not much truth in the old aphorism that “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you.” And less so if you’re transgendered. read more