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Dr. Scott Mosser


The Easiest Way to Find Out Which FTM Top Surgery Procedure Is Right For You

Devised by Dr. Scott Mosser, The Mosser Method is a unique 3-step solution that uses the the infrabreast angle as a tool to assess the best available surgical options. read more


What Trans Health Care Providers Should Know About FTM Phalloplasty

To better inform trans health care providers about FTM phalloplasty, this poster presented at CPATH 2012 weighs the actual outcome of phalloplasty against the stereotypes and perceptions of this surgery. read more


Self-injection Guide for FTMs

Self-Injecting for the first time can be both a scary and exhilarating experience. This video provides trans men with tips on preparing oneself mentally for your first time as well as a practical step-by step guide to self-injection. read more

Letters To The Editor

Pregnancy In FTMs

A reader asks about the chances of getting pregnant while on Testosterone. read more


How Much is Too Much?

Is more testosterone better? Can you safely use other androgens? What about cycling, like the body builders do? Get all of the answers in Raverdyke's certain-to-be-controversial article. read more



What your doctor never told you about testosterone. read more