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Fenway Health


Understanding the T in LGBT: A Role for Clinicians

Module 7 in Fenway Health's Learning Modules on LGBT Health familiarizes clinicians with the basic health needs of transgender individuals. read more



10 Things to Discuss With Your Health Care Provider

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's Dr. Rebecca Allison compiled this list of health issues that the GLMA's healthcare providers have identified as common concerns for transgender people. read more

Center of Excellence For Transgender Health


Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care

The CoE's protocol is work in progress that intended to provide accurate, peer-reviewed medical guidance, and to provide a resource that can be shared with other provider colleagues and support staff to improve treatment capabilities as well as access to care for transgender patients. read more

Transgender Law Center


10 Tips For Working With Transgender Individuals: A Guide For Health Care Providers

The Transgender Law Center created this short pamphlet to partner with providers to improve quality of care and provider-patient outcomes. read more

Tom Waddell Health Center


Protocols for Hormonal Reassignment of Gender

Drafted by the health care professionals at the Tom Waddell Health Center in San Francisco, these guidelines are based on their experience in treating over 1200 trans clients. read more