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Mental and Emotional Health

Mental Health in the Transgender Community Study

Doctoral student Lore M. Dickey is collecting data on mental health in the transgender community. read more


University of Minnesota Seeks Non-trans Men Who Have Sex With Trans People

All Gender Health Online, a national project based at the University of Minnesota, is currently recruiting non-trans men who have had sex with a trans person over the past 3 months. read more


Psychopathia Transsexualis: Early Psychological Theories of Transsexualism

What are the biases of the researchers working on gender identity disorder? Read an historical overview of transgender research. read more


Reasearch Into the Causes of Transsexuality

Grace Niedermayer's article is on a very sensitive subject: a study of the BSTc, a portion of the brain within the hypothalamus, revealed differences between the brains of transgendered people and those of their birth sex. A discussion of the ramifications of this kind of research, written by Mistress Krista, follows the article. read more