Tips and Tricks

In this issue I provided the second installment of Kyle’s workout progress. His workout was designed to be done with minimal equipment in a small space. Here’s how to do the exercises I list, and some tips for increasing their difficulty.

Kyle Submits to the Mistress, Part 1

This will hopefully be an ongoing series about the real-life progress of folks who are trying to reshape their bodies and get fit. There is currently no known data (besides anecdotal evidence) on what happens to trans trainees, so consider this my attempt to record experiments for posterity. Oh yeah, and to kick people’s asses because it’s fun.

Reasearch Into the Causes of Transsexuality

Grace Niedermayer’s article is on a very sensitive subject: a study of the BSTc, a portion of the brain within the hypothalamus, revealed differences between the brains of transgendered people and those of their birth sex. A discussion of the ramifications of this kind of research, written by Mistress Krista, follows the article.

Guide to Sports Bras

Do you have breasts? Whether you’re thrilled with your new development or you’re trying to minimize their size so they don’t divert attention from your goatee, read Mistress Krista’s article. Chock full of helpful advice for all boob-owners!