Trans Health Clinics

The organizations listed below provide health clinics that specialize in trans health care, including primary medical care and support services.


  • Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre – Vancouver
    Provide low-barrier wellness services to transgender and gender-nonconforming people in a way that is respectful and celebratory of clients’ identity and self-expression. CWHWC is volunteer run, all practitioners are also volunteering their time, so that free services are available to people who need them, regardless of factors like citizenship, health insurance, or residential address.
  • Trans Health Klinic – Winnipeg
    Provides primary health care services to transgender individuals who are unable to receive these services elsewhere. The services are provided by physicians, nurse practitioners, primary care nurses, reproductive health nurse, social workers, dietitian, laboratory technologists, medical assistants, and community workers.
  • ARCH Clinic – Guelph
    Provides inclusive and respectful primary health care for transgender people in Guelph and the surrounding area. Treatment and monitoring of temporary and chronic health issues, hormonal treatment. Patients can self-refer or be referred to ARCH by a health care provider. ARCH Clinic operates within an informed consent model.
  • Sherbourne Health Centre – Toronto
    Provides primary medical care and other services such as  mental health counseling for transitioning, gender identity, harassment or violence, isolation and substance abuse; support groups; hormone therapy; workshops.

United States

  • Allentown Women’s Center – Bethlehem, PA
    AWC’s Trans* Health Initiative program offers culturally-sensitive, safe and affordable services to individuals of all genders. Hormone replacement therapy, mental health and counseling referrals.
  • API Wellness Clinic – San Francisco, CA
    Provides holistic, high quality, culturally competent and linguistically accessible primary health care, preventive care, and early intervention as well as behavioral health services to adults of all sexual orientations, genders, marital status, family configurations and different mental and physical abilities.. Services are available free-of-charge for low income, uninsured or under-insured San Franciscans who would otherwise have no access to health care.
  • Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center – Boulder, CO
    Welcomes transgender patients and offers various services for trans-identified folks, including hormone therapy, general preventative health care, and referrals for sex reassignment surgery. Follows WPATH standards. Services also offered at Women’s Health at Longmont.
  • Callen-Lorde Community Health Center – New York, NY
    Provides a trans-affirmative environment where you can receive hormone therapy, as well as engage in an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider and/or a mental health provider to address the all of your health and wellness needs.
  • Chase Brexton –  Baltimore, MD
    Provide affirmative care for trans folks that addresses the specific health needs that can often go overlooked by those who don’t work in the LGBT community.
  • Chicago Women’s Health Center – Chicago, IL
    Through collaboration with community partners and our clients, the CWHC strives to provide services that are trans positive and informed by trans people.
  • Community Healthcare Network NYC – Bronx, NY
    CHN offers three transgender programs which include primary and preventative health care, weekly workshops, support groups, counseling by licensed mental health therapist, referrals for gender reassignment surgery, financial assistance for Hormones, PrEP and PEP  Services, HIV counseling and testing. Health insurance and U.S. citizenship are not required.
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Transgender Clinic – Lebanon, NH
    Offers multidisciplinary health care to patients seeking HRT and/or gender reassignment surgery.
  • Evergreen Health Services – Buffalo, NY
    Primary health care and trans-specific services including prescribing hormones.
  • Fenway Health –  Boston, MA
    Provides quality and informed care for trans women, trans men, gender-queer, affirmed men and women, and others who have health care needs unique to gender expressions and identities.
  • Gender Pathways Clinic at Kaiser Permanente SF Medical Center – San Francisco, CA
    Culturally competent care to transgender and gender-expansive patients.  Hormone therapy,  sexual and reproductive health care,  mental health services,  surgical evaluations and procedures.
  • Health Brigade – Richmond, VA
    Primary care, including breast/chest care, HIV and STD testing and counseling, hormone treatment and monitoring, pelvic wellness and PAP smears, counseling services, surgery support letters, voice therapy, legal services (name and gender marker changes.)
  • Howard Brown Health Center – Chicago, IL
    Offer several programs that center around issues that the transgender community faces, and our medical, behavioral health, and case management staff sensitive to the special needs of our transgender clients.
  • NEW! KC CARE Clinic – Kansas City, MO
    Culturally competent and affirming transgender care for the transgender and gender expansive communities. Provides gender affirming hormones, connects patients with resources within the KC CARE system for transgender affirming primary care and behavioral health services, as well as helping patients connect with gender affirming surgical providers in the area. Additionally, Dr. Grimstad offers contraceptive resources and performs hysterectomies through University Health and Truman Medical Centers.
  • The Lavender Clinic – Honolulu, HI
    Non-profit health clinic that provides healthcare, leadership, programs, education, and services for the Transgender Community and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Community. Hormone Therapy; Primary Care Services; Support Groups; Individual & Family Counseling; Community Outreach; HealthCare Education; PREP – HIV Prevention Therapy.
  • Los Angeles LGBT Center – Los Angeles, CA
    The Center’s Transgender Health Program provides comprehensive primary health care as well as trans-specific services, as well as an on-site lab and pharmacy.
  • Lyon-Martin Health Services – San Francisco, CA
    Provides personalized health care and support services to women and transgender people who lack access to quality care because of their sexual or gender identity, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Magic City Wellness Center – Birmingham, AL
    MCWC is the first health care center for transgender individuals in Alabama, and one of the few in the southeastern United States. One of the primary goals of MCWC is to provide a safe and affirming primary care facility for all transgender individuals and their families. Hormone Replacement Theraphy and counseling are available for transgender individuals.
  • Mazzoni Center – Philadelphia, PA
    LGBT health and well being center led by health professionals, social workers, HIV specialists, counselors, educators, and volunteers.
  • Tom Waddell Clinic – San Francisco, CA
    Hosts a health clinic for transgender people every Tuesday, Transgender Tuesdays.
  • Trans Health Initiative – Atlanta, GA
    Offers sensitive, friendly, and affordable health care to gender variant and intersex individuals. Committed to providing a safe space and trans-affirmative environment for individuals interested in holistic wellness services.
  • UCSF Transgender Care Navigation Program – San Francisco, CA
    A collaboration between the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health. Both Centers work together with partner providers and clinics to assist transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people seeking general healthcare or gender affirming medical care at UCSF.
  • Whitman-Walker Clinic – Washington, DC
    Offers comprehensive medical and behavioral health services and other supportive services, including hormone administration and monitoring, HIV & STD testing and counseling, gynecological services, and individual, group and family therapy.


  • The Tavistock and Portman Clinic – London
    Multi-disciplinary clinic that provides services for children and young people (up to the age of 18) and their families who are experiencing difficulties in the development of their gender identity. This includes children who are unhappy with their biological sex. Staff include experts in child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology, social work, psychotherapy, and pediatrics.

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