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Alternative Hormone Regimens

Dear Justin Cascio,

I enjoyed reading your article and I want to provide some information that you may find relevant.

I have recently switched from an oral soy isoflavone concentrate, Swanson Health Products Ultra Isoflavone Concentrate ( SWU085 ) which consists of ADM’s NovaSoy, to Sevier’s Aerodiol, an Estradiol Hemihydrate nasal spray. Please note that the daily dose of SWU085 taken, as instructed on the bottle label, was 2 50 mg capsules.

A friend, questioning the change in regimen, prompted me to specifically research the non hormonal differences between soy isoflavones and estradiol. I found a web page which specifically lists the soy health risks with references. I have not found these specific health issues documented else where.

An area for concern, unrelated to my situation and that I have not researched, is that I have read posts to the Yahoo group TSDoItYourselfers where people are taking doctor prescribed estrogen HRT which is derived from soy.

My reasoning for the change in regimen is that I wanted a safer and more effective estrogen HRT. I have started Aerodiol on August 23rd taking 300 ug, one 150 ug spray into each nostril, per day which is equivalent to a single 50 ug / day patch or a 2 mg tablet / day. Aerodiol is not the cheapest form of estradiol, but I wanted a non oral delivery and I’m not comfortable with injections. Also note that I’m not taking any form of anti-androgen.

I hope that this information is useful and thank you for your article.

– Name withheld

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