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Lesbian & Gay Aging Issues Network

Dear folks:

I was delighted to discover your journal— and to note your commitment to covering the issues of aging for transgender people. We make a concerted effort to address this topic in the publications and conference programming of the LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN), so we will be adding links for your articles to our annotated Web Guide.

In 2000, we published a special issue of our quarterly newsletter, OutWord, that was entirely devoted to articles on transgender aging. One of the articles from that issue also is available on our home page:

T. M. Witten, A. Evan Eyler & Cathy Weigel, “Transsexuals, Transgenders, Cross-Dressers: Issues for Professionals in Aging,” OutWord (Winter 2000).

In addition to our quarterly print newsletter, we publish a monthly e-mail update, OutWord Online, in which we routinely include information on transgender aging. You can find the current issue and all back issues on the LAIN home page; click on the “Monthly Update” button. Our home page also features a Web Guide with annotated links to sites dealing with LGBT aging; the guide includes a special section devoted to transgender aging.

We are always interested in receiving proposals for articles on midlife and old age among transgender people for our newsletter, as well as events notices, press releases and other information on the topic for our information and referral files. I would welcome communications from readers of

Best regards,

Gerard Koskovich, Editor
Staff Liaison, LGBT Aging Issues Network
American Society on Aging
San Francisco

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