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Testosterone and Arm Numbness

Hey Justin!

Great to see that trans-health is alive, strong, and running. Thank you and your cohorts so much for making this happen. I have a couple questions. I’ve been on low doses of injectable T for almost a year and a half now. I didn’t really have any problems, and greatly enjoyed my greater muscle mass. Because I was on low doses, it’s not like I bulked up really huge. I gained about 10 pounds, and I guess most of that was muscle. (I’m almost 5’4″).

About 6 weeks ago I started to feel numbness and tingling in my hands and forearms, when I bent my arms. It would happen right away in a matter of seconds, even when I was holding the telephone receiver to talk. I also notice this a lot when I’m sleeping. I have seen a neurologist but nothing conclusive has been diagnosed yet. The neurologist noticed that my pulse was absent when he held my arm up, but was there when my arm was just hanging down my side. I’ve talked to other FTMs, and they think it might be carpal tunnel. I guess I’m rather surprised it’s happening now because my muscle mass isn’t any bigger than it was a year ago. So why do I have this now? And my activities have not changed— I’ve been boxing and doing yoga consistently for the past year and a half, among other activities that I do. Any answers would be appreciated.

My other question is that it seems that the back of my skull has grown— namely the parietal bones. Is this common from being on T? Or do I have a potentially serious condition? My head used to be smooth, but now I notice that I have these very apparent dents, where the parietal bones seem to have grown out from where it meets the occipital bone. I prefer having a smooth head, is there anything I can do to reverse this, or smooth out the dents? I notice that FTMs on full doses tend to get bigger heads after a while, but I always thought the size increase was more in the crown and forehead area.

Thanks so much and hope you’re well!

Hi Sel,

Thanks for writing! I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with numbness in your hands, but unfortunately it is not unheard of in people who take supplemental testosterone. Usually it is minor, and it rarely happens when someone is taking replacement dosages, but it does happen. Are you sure that you don’t have repetitive stress injuries from other sources, such as typing or driving professionally? If you don’t mind me asking a few questions: How long have you been on testosterone? How much do you take and what are your dosage patterns?

You are correct that testosterone can affect bone density and structure, too, though it is indeed usually in the forehead area, particularly the brow ridge. I would check with a doctor just so she or he can reassure you that there is nothing wrong.

Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Testosterone and Arm Numbness”

  1. I also have the numbness problem and am beginning to get a little scared. I’m very active throughout the day but when I lie down to nap/sleep, the burning/tingling/swelling feelings scare me awake. As soon as I get up, it goes away! I’ve been on 25mL every 10 days for 6 shots now.

  2. I’m getting this too. I’ve never had it before in my life and there are no other drugs/causes. It happens right after my shot and just stays. Swelling, tingling, need to stretch flex….. Worried it’s a HBP symptom. The only other thing I take is zoloft. I’ve been on that for years. T-Cyp, Seasame oil, Strohecker’s Pharm. 4cc/week 200 strength. 5 months

  3. I don t take anything, but i’ve had the same numbness for two years. Im thinking low T, low vitamin b12, heavy smoking, weak heart, callapsing veins (weak vains easily squashed) due to low vitamin D, too much costisol due to too much stress, not enough hormones in skin and veins to keep them firm… I don t know any more. Who ever you go to, they tell you there’s nothing wrong with you, even if you’re growing tits and your urine smells like female urine. Can anyone help? I didn’t think so…. 🙂

  4. I’m same hands numb being referred for a nerve study I stopped taking testosterone and I’m ok I couldn’t even ride my motor bike they went numb instantly I’ve grown boobs and got fat it’s horrid I got a pituary Adema that stops my homones doctor say I’m ok it’s a joke

  5. So I have been cycling testosterone for three months and noticed after the first week of injections numbness in my hands. Exactly the way you are explain it it only got worse over time my dosages were high I’m at 1500 mg a week for building muscle and what his help me and it has gone away about 90% is taking iron and B12. I’m able to sleep through the night now without waking up in excruciating pain in madness. I’m done with my cycle and I rarely feel I’m still taking vitamins. It is a very common discussion in bodybuilding.

  6. Hey, I got the tingling and numbness in all fingers and my thumb (except my pinky). My hands were swelling, particularly at night. I do hard manual work (labouring\powertools). Turned out is was carpel tunnel – having surgery to release it next month. I’ve been on Testosterone injections (levels aiming for 25 mmol) for about 3 years. Nerve conduction studies (rather than ultrasound) is the most reliable test for diagnoses.


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