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Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men:
A Guide For Health Care Providers

From the preface:

Nick Gorton FTM GuideThe provision of care for transgender patients can be extremely rewarding. A knowledgeable provider can guide a transgender patient through a challenging life change and help him emerge whole and healthy in a body finally recognized as his own. Unfortunately, the knowledge necessary to care for transmen before, during, and after transition is rarely taught in medical school or residency. This information is also almost never adequately presented in endocrinology or medicine textbooks.

This book was written to fill that gap. It brings together in a single volume much of what I have found searching within the published medical research literature and in expert opinion. In essence, I wrote the book I would have loved to have, as a physician and a transman, when I began my own transition.

By R. Nick Gorton MD, Jamie Buth MD, and Dean Spade Esq

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