For Doctors: Providing Paps to Trans Men

For Cervical Health Awarenesss Month, we’re highlighting important resources for providers who offer Pap and HPV testing for trans men.

“Educate yourself and treat us like the humans we are. This is a hard road we are traveling and something vital like healthcare shouldn’t be such an obstacle for us.” – Trans man


If You Have It, Check It: Overcoming Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening with Patients on the Female-to-Male Transgender Spectrum

This guide from the National LGBT Health Education Center covers:

  • Identifying risk factors and prevention strategies for cervical cancer
  • Identifying barriers to achieving optimal prevention/screening rates
  • Identifying strategies that providers can use to address these systems, interpersonal, and technical barriers, including specific techniques for adjusting the Pap exam
  • Committing to one change you will implement in your practice to improve care

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Guys Get Pap Tests Too: Developing Cervical Cancer Screening Outreach Materials for Female-to-Male Transgender Patients

This poster from Fenway Health explores trans mens’ attitudes towards and barriers to cervical cancer screening and developing novel cervical cancer screening and outreach materials for FTM patients.

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Tips for Providing Paps to Trans Men

Intimate procedures that examine or expose the genitals can be particularly challenging or uncomfortable for trans men. This guide from the Check It Out Guys campaign highlights 13 things that healthcare providers can do to make the experience easier.

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