Safer Sex For Trans Bodies

When it comes to sex, there’s a serious lack of resources available to trans people that talk about our bodies and our needs in a relatable and respectful way.

Safer Sex for Trans BodiesSafer Sex For Trans Bodies is a guide for transgender and gender expansive people, partners and lovers that helps answer questions about safer sex. In this free PDF, you’ll find information about sex during and after transition, ways to
talk to your partner(s) (romantic, casual and transactional) about sex and suggestions for exploring your own sexuality, whether you have many partners, one partner, or you’re going solo.

Topics include:

  • Language/Terminology
  • Masturbation
  • Talking About Sex With Partners
  • Dating & Personal Safety
  • STIs and Safer Sex Activities
  • Safer Sex Tools
  • BDSM and Kink
  • Sex During Transition – Hormones & Surgery

Download the PDF here.

The content of this guide was developed by Bianca Palmisano of Intimate Health Consulting. Produced by Whitman-Walker Health and the Human Rights Campaign.

Also see: Trans Health Matters – Published in 2012 by the UK’s Terrence Higgins Trust, Trans Health Matters is a two-volume guide on sexual health issues specific to trans men and women.

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