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Body Hair!

Hello Raverdyke!

First, I’d like to say I’m very excited to have found! It is a great resource–thanks for all the work you and others have put into it.

I read your article about different types of androgens, cycling, and so forth. I hope you don’t mind me writing you to ask a question related to the article. I’m a transgendered FTM guy who has not yet embarked on the hormone path, though I’ve had chest curgery and have been doing research and talking with other guys about their hormone experiences.

I also have some experience with weightlifting, and know about a half of a thimble-full of info on steroids used in bodybuilding circles.

Anyway, I appreciated the info about hair loss… but I have some questions about body hair growth. That is, one of the things that is sort of a turn-off (at least at this point in my thinking) for me personally about taking T or other androgens is that I’d rather NOT be a really hairy guy! I want the deep voice, to be sure, and the masculinization of body and face, but not so much the body hair… I realize that taking androgens is a mixed bag proposition, and that one can’t pick and choose the effects, or necessarily predict them (i.e. I know most guys aren’t thrilled about the possibility of developing acne while taking T, but that might be the luck of the draw in order to masculin[ize]). But I’m wondering– do you have any wisdom to share re: the body hair issue, or androgens or inhibitors that might limit this? I know that female body builders who use androgens would probably consider body hair a negative side-effect… is there knowledge from the female body building world regarding this topic?

I understand if you don’t have time to answer this fully… any help or resource would be appreciated!

Many thanks again for your article & time,
Jake in Boston

Hi Jake!

Thanks so much for writing!

Unfortunately I think that you are correct about there being very little way to control the effects of androgens. Really, you get what you get, and it’s pretty much determined by your genetic disposition. It might be possible to use one of the less androgenic androgens, like nandrolone; or to use a 5AR inhibitor, like finasteride, when taking testosterone; or to use androgens with no 5AR metabolite: drugs like oxandrolone or trenbolone. Female bodybuilders often use nandrolone, oxandrolone and methenolone because they are less androgenic. They also take drugs in lower doses than male bodybuilders, and tend to cycle them for shorter periods. With constant and prolonged exposure to androgens, the side effects like hair growth might be unavoidable.

In addition, this might be an impractical solution, but you could always consider electrolysis if you got too hairy.

I hope this has helped a bit, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear.


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