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Financial Status of Trans People


I have read with interest a few articles lately, including one of yours, about the financing of SRS. Nevertheless, I have an interest in knowing if any study or research has been done on the economic status of transgendered individuals. As we all know, when studies indicated that the gay community had a great deal of purchasing power it turned the heads of people who might not normally profess any interest. Money talks!

I must confess that my own anecdotal experiences would not tell me much in this regard. Having met transgendered people who were extremely poor as the result of what they might perceive as societal bias and also having met those who appeared to have an average upper middle class existence, I might conclude that one’s economic situation might corelate to one’s drive, vigor and even the ability to pass in society. Yet we are always being surprised by the objective, scientific look, rather than the perception we personally hold. Of course, race and culture must introduce a great deal of complexity and variety as well.

If there is a study or one in the process of research, I and my fellow readers would undoubtedly find this of great interest.


Teddi Bosler
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Teddi,

I agree, more research into the economic status of trans people, and particularly how factors like passability affect the money we make. As I’ve read recently, one of the single most important factors in the US affecting people’s overall health is their access to health insurance. I encourage our readers to send us any research they’re aware of; we’d be happy to write about it.

Justin Cascio

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