Mobility For All

Those of us hitting the gym, the slopes, the waves, and the streets may take our mobility for granted. However, many of our sisters and brothers in the trans movement cannot.

The Needs of Older Trans People

The 519 Church Street Community Centre Older GLBT Programme in Toronto recently reported on a series of “community soundings,” in which member of older GLBT communities were invited to discuss their particular concerns and suggest recommendations. Justin Cascio reports on the findings from the MTF and FTM communities.

Origins of the Real-Life Test

How did the “real-life experience” requirement become part of the HBIGDA Standards of Care? Has it ever been tested? Get a crash history on gender research, hear from charter members of HBIGDA, and learn what research is being done to support the position of requiring a real-life test.

Driving Spikes Through Your Dick (and Other, Less Dramatic Do-It-Yourself Genital Modification Techniques for FTMs)

“…and if all the other kids were driving spikes through their dicks, would you expect me to allow you to, as well?” Justin Cascio and Joshua Tenpenny never had a satisfactory comeback for their mothers, either, but they’ve teamed up to tackle the squeamish subjects of piercing, cutting, pumping, injecting, and otherwise modifying your manly bits. Before you click on the link, be warned: this article is not for the squeamish.

Biking For a Cure

Kevin O’Malley and Dylan Vade, both transguys living in San Francisco, biked the grueling 600 miles from SF to Los Angeles with 670 other cyclists in the AIDS/LifeCycle the week of May 13, 2002. The event was produced by and benefiting the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Justin interviewed the guys by phone after the event.