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Trans/Forming Feminisms: Transfeminist Voices Speak Out

Trans/Forming Feminisms: Transfeminist Voices Speak Out (Sumach Press, 2006)

“The clear voices assembled here provide a profound and thought-provoking exploration of gender-related political analysis and social justice initiatives. Highly recommended!”
Jamison Green, activist and educator, author of Becoming a Visible Man

Editor Krista Scott-Dixon has assembled a groundbreaking anthology that challenges us to build more inclusive transfeminist politics. These 21 insightful essays reflect the academic, personal, and political perspectives of contributors from Canada, the US, and Europe. J. Bobby Noble, barbara findlay, Miqqi Alicia/Michael Gilbert, Kyle Scanlon, Talia Bettcher, Joshua Goldberg, and Caroline White, as well as new voices in the field, explore the interconnections between trans and feminist ideas and issues.

The contributors write about individual experiences and representation; the production and reproduction of diverse identities and how these identities can work collectively; the notion of “safe spaces” and “women-only spaces” in the contexts of the Kimberly Nixon case and the entrance policies of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival; strategies to deal with sexual assault and anti-trans violence; and policy initiatives that ensure safety within shelters.

Trans/Forming Feminisms is an invaluable collection for progressive academics, students, and social activists interested in tackling these compelling and challenging issues.

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“Scott-Dixon’s exciting new collection offers a compassionate, timely and deeply personal assortment of essays on trans life-experiences and political aspirations for what might be called a fourth-wave transfeminism.”
— Sheila Cavanagh, Assistant Professor of Sociology, York University

“If you want to better understand some of the practical challenges and tough questions that transgendered people pose for feminist theory, you’ll find that Trans/Forming Feminisms provides varied perspectives and valuable insights.”
Aaron H. Devor, Dean, University of Victoria, author of FTM: Female-To-Male Transsexuals in Society

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