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The New Hope Foundation

The New Hope Foundation was established in September of 2006 by a group of TG women in Houston, Texas, USA. The New Hope Hospice is a new project that aims to offer shelter in the form of a half way house to TG folks. They are currently in the process of setting up needed materials such as a website, accounting, and most importantly New Hope Hospice. It is the mission of the foundation to do whatever it can to be of assistance to those TG folks in need by providing them a safe place to get a new start.

From their website:

“This is the first project of its type in the Houston Texas area that we are aware of but we hope to set an example others will follow. We currently have enough for the down payment on the Hospice and a few months rent(probably) but after that without help our dream of a safe place for TG folk in need of a place may fall to pieces. This site is just a beginning, however we are still very early in the stages of setting things up. We hope to soon become a non-profit organisation recognised by the US government.”

Dontations to NHF can be made online via their website at or via snail mail:

The New Hope Foundation
5031 Old Vista Road
Pasadena Texas 77505

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