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Los Angeles, CA Transgender Community Health Clinic Campaign

Too few transgender people have access to basic, culturally competent health care. This lack of access leads to on-going, preventable health care problems for community members and their families. For some people it can prevent or delay them from transitioning. For others, it can mean that basic health maintenance issues (high blood pressure, for instance) go untreated. And for too many it can lead to accessing medication and advice through the street economy. These deficits in health care are part of the way oppression has prevented transgender people from organizing for our own needs.

In the summer of 2006, FTM Alliance of Los Angeles and the Transgender Law Center expanded our health care services offered at LA based community clinics. In doing this work, we are emphasizing community organizing strategies. The work is funded primarily by the California Endowment, California Wellness Foundation, and Liberty Hill Foundation.

We are targeting community clinics instead of private clinics because of the central role they play in California counties and their potential for providing services to a broad range of care here in Los Angeles. The Campaign will identify up to 5 clinics from around the county with whom we can work to increase their ability to provide health care to our community. This would mean that the services would be available to people without insurance, people on Medi-Cal, and probably on a sliding scale basis to people whose insurance excludes transition related care.

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