The Easiest Way to Find Out Which FTM Top Surgery Procedure Is Right For You

Is this you? You’re a trans man seeking Top Surgery and you want to know which of the several procedures will be right for you so you can start planning your surgery, but you aren’t able to consult with a surgeon in person quite yet.

Expert Reviewed by Dr. Scott MosserIf you’re not sure where to begin with comparing your chest to the surgical options available, then read on to learn about this new and easy method of determining which procedures you are a good candidate for.

Introducing the Mosser Method

Dr. Scott MosserIt’s well-known that the amount of extra skin and breast tissue play a primary role in selecting a Top Surgery procedure.

Procedure Amount of extra skin and breast tissue
Keyhole minimal
Peri-Areolar & Fishmouth moderate
Double Incision & Inverted-T larger

Devised by Dr. Scott Mosser, The Mosser Method is a unique and simple 3-step solution that uses the the infrabreast angle as a tool to assess the best available surgical options.

The inframammary angle is the angle of where the lower breast meets the chest. To assess this angle, you merely need to take a photo of your chest then consult The Mosser Method guidelines to find out which procedure is recommended based on the angle measurement.

Step 1: Take a photo of your chest.

  • The camera must be at the same height as the lower chest otherwise the angle will not be accurately determined.
  • You must face a direction that is 45 degrees (diagonally) off to the side of the camera.

Step 2: Measure the Inframammary Angle.

The Mosser Method


Step 3: Consult The Mosser Method guidelines:

Inframammary Angle Recommended Procedures
greater than 135º Keyhole or Peri-areolar
90º – 135º Peri-areolar or Fishmouth
less than 90º Double Incision or Inverted-T

While there are other criteria that help determine which procedure to use, such as skin elasticity, desire for low scarring and/or nipple sensation, The Mosser Method will give you a very good idea of the most ideal type of Top Surgery based on the amount of skin you have and your chest size.

For additional details about The Mosser Method guidelines, see Dr. Mosser’s website.

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  1. this article was such a lifesaver, i think constantly about what procedure would give me my ideal chest, and now i have a rough idea ! i can finally rest easy for a little.


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