Transforming Practice: The First Book for Health Providers Working With Transgender Men

Transforming Practice (Ethica Press, 2013) is an exploration of life satisfaction, health and wellness among transgender men, as told in their own words. Author Marcus Greatheart asked satisfied, post-transition trans men what worked well in their transitions in order that health providers might better support those questioning or struggling with gender transition. These stories  are what resonated most with people who attended author Greatheart’s workshops at transgender conferences like Gender Odyssey in Seattle.

Transforming Practice: Life Stories of Transgender Men that Change How Health Providers WorkGrounded in a strengths-based model, Greatheart explores how FTM peers and service providers alike perpetuate a “negative transition story” that falsely assumes all trans men struggle with mental health problems and life-long gender dysphoria. The subjects describe having positive, even enjoyable, transition experiences while demonstrating resilience and self-efficacy.

Greatheart also proposes a new assessment tool for health providers to assist trans clients unpack and process potential transgender-related stress and trauma.

Transforming Practice is an excellent resource for counselors, therapists and social workers and their transgender clients, and physicians and psychiatrists working with transsexual men.

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