Transforming Health: International Rights-Based Advocacy for Trans Health

transforming-healthTransforming Health: International Rights-Based Advocacy for Trans Health is a 44-page report from the Open Society Foundations that profiles projects from 16 organizations in 12 countries that address the health and health care barriers commonly faced by trans people across the world, including discrimination from health care providers, a lack of doctors trained to address our needs, and the refusal of many national health systems and insurance providers to cover our care.

The services offered by the projects profiled included:

  • General health services
  • Gender transition health services
  • Health care providers trained to respond to the needs and concerns of trans patients
  • Public education campaigns about discrimination against trans people
  • Advocacy for legal and medical policy changes

Based on insights gathered from these projects Transforming Health makes recommendations to governments, rights advocates, health professionals and public health organizations regarding the advancement of trans health and human rights.

Download Transforming Health (308.25 KB pdf)

REDTRANS Nicaragua – Nicaragua
Shustha Jibon – Bangladesh
Planned Parenthood of Mar Monte – United States
Transgender Law Center – United States
Center of Excellence for Transgender Health – United States
Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico – United States
St. James Infirmary – United States
Gender Health Center – United States
Mitr Trust – United States
Gay/Bi/Queer Trans Men’s Working Group – Canada
Trans-Gayten – Serbia
GenderDoc-M – Moldova
Kyrgyz Labrys – Kyrgyzstan
Gender DynamiX – South Africa
STP 2012, International Stop Trans Pathologization Campaign
World Health Organization

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